Special DK Colour Competition Update

We are totally overwhelmed by the response to our Special Colour competition with 350 entries received from all corners of the UK, with countries as far and wide as Australia, Spain, Germany, Holland and Canada amongst others.

There were so many fabulous entries, with many of you taking time to explain why you like a colour so much and presenting it in such a creative and beautiful way. Like our judges, Sarah Neal (editor of Lets Knit Magazine), Phil (TheTwistedYarn), Lucy (Attic24 blog), we really could spend hours sifting through them, getting lost in the descriptions, wondering at the found objects from leaves to, bottles of nail varnish and what look like parts of children’s toys!

A few of the many greens that were entered!

Among the more regular items sent to us were photos of cars, flowers, buildings, fabric scraps and many types of yarns. There were also hand painted tiles, test tubes of spices and even lichen – carefully sealed in a bag.

Tile Spices Lichen

The background stories were fascinating too, particularly one lady who looked with no luck for years to find a yarn that replicated the colours in earrings given to her by her father, she even tried to blend the shade herself from dyed wool. Unfortunately it didn’t work. She describes the colour beautifully ‘like water with petrol drops on the top, iridescence – colour changing’ and enclosed a selection of buttons to illustrate (the earrings were way too precious to send of course).

‘like water with petrol drops on the top, iridescence’

Another favourite was a card with a hand printed bird in a lovely shade of red – like ‘sunlight seen through closed eyelids’ – so descriptive and also described as ‘a yummy-orangey-corally-tomatoey red!’ – We know exactly what she means but not sure if that name would fit on a ball band!

Robin card
‘a yummy-orangey-corally-tomatoey red!’

We even received a lovely piece of machine embroidery with two colour suggestions – Leaf Green and Tangerine – our Stylecraft logo was included too, perfectly reproduced down to the little flower. Another green request (there were a lot of greens) which came with a lovely long letter explaining the colour she wanted was just the same as her baby’s bath towel but as she didn’t want to ruin it she wouldn’t make a clipping. Then she found the same shade was shown on a particular brand of nappies – again she thought it best not to send us a nappy! Luckily for us she found the perfect shade in some beads, ‘Minty Green’.

Machine embroidery
Our logo – even down to the little flower!
Minty green

There was inspiration everywhere such as orange post office stickers that reminded the entrant of a recent holiday to South Africa where the sunsets were amazing; a fridge magnet with the loveliest shade of duck egg blue and a few nail polishes and lipstick too.

Fridge magnet in a lovely duck egg blue.

All in all we have loved each and every single entry and are amazed by the creativity that they show, thank you all so much!

We will be revealing the ten finalists on 15th May both here, on Facebook and in the June edition of Let’s Knit magazine. It’s then over to you to vote for your favourite which will be added to the Stylecraft Special DK range. We have to warn you it’s going to be a hard choice – all ten shades are gorgeous.