“Me” Time

In our time-pressured world, it’s often difficult to find time for ourselves.  Whether you have a demanding job, are managing a hectic family set up, or both, life just seems to get busier and busier.  Add the pressures of social media, your tablet and your phone and you have the perfect recipe for STRESS. It’s all too easy to spend time juggling and forget about yourself and your wellbeing.

So how do you cope?

One of the most important things for your health, mental and physical, is to try and find a bit of Me time but that is not as easy as it sounds.

Why is Me time important?

Psychologists tell us that time to and for yourself can not only help you unwind but can reboot your brain, improve your concentration, help your relationships and even aid in problem solving. It doesn’t have to be about being alone (unless you want to), it is more important to do something you want to, rather than have to do.

This is where your craft is so important and beneficial. Just a row or two, losing yourself in a project, can make a huge difference to your outlook on life.  It can bring space and balance, and don’t we all need a bit of that? Taking the time to get you know yourself again by enjoying your knitting or crochet is a good thing.  Just think of all the amazing skills you have acquired and will continue to learn.

If you can, try to make your Me time a regular occurrence, maybe once the kids have gone to bed or before anyone else gets up.  Time with friends or like-minded people is another great way to relax so do try to find yourself a knitting or crochet group to join. Aren’t we lucky we have our craft to help us?

Most of all don’t feel guilty – you really aren’t being selfish by looking after yourself.

It’s All About The Colour With Stylecraft’s Second Launch Of The Season

Colour is key in our second launch for Spring Summer and we have lovely new yarns, new shades and a feast of new patterns just for you.

Linen Drape

Linen is the most beautiful fibre and perfect for Spring Summer.  Not only does it have a wonderful lustre, but the drape is very elegant.  Team it up with viscose and you have one of the most exciting yarns of the season – Linen Drape.

With a sophisticated colour palette of eight Mediterranean hues and a desirable collection of knit and crochet garment patterns, this yarn is already turning heads.

New Blankets by Blogstar Lucia Dunn

Lucia Dunn is one of our wonderful Blogstars, as you may know.  She has created two gorgeous blanket and cushion sets, especially for you.  Her monochrome design, the Hypno blanket, is very striking and her colourful Boho blanket pattern uses the interesting technique of crochet intarsia, floating the yarn through each row.

Classique Cotton

Classique Cotton is popular with crocheters and knitters alike because of its superior handle and the fantastic range of colours for you to choose from.  This season there are six new pattern leaflets to tempt, using a bright and optimistic palette in DK and 4 ply.  Our collection includes jumpers, cardigans and accessories with interesting ties, bold stripes and delicate textures and shoulder details.

Wondersoft Stardust

Wondersoft Stardust is the latest addition to the Wondersoft family in six pastel shades with an opalescent binder to give just a hint of sparkle.  There are six pattern leaflets featuring super cute jumpers cardigans, dresses and accessories – perfect for any little girl’s wardrobe.

We would love to see what you make from our latest collections so don’t forget to look out for our #CleverCrafters shout out on our Facebook page.