Blog Tour 2018 Blog Post


Our annual Blog Tour is fast approaching and we are so excited to share some wonderful blogs and patterns by our fabulous Blogstars with you!

So, what is a Blog Tour and how does it work??

Each year, we ask our Blogstars to choose from some lovely yarn packs that we have put together ourselves. This year, there were 2 options, Autumn Leaves and Summer Pudding, (more about the packs later). They then go off and use their super crafty skills to design a pattern using the chosen pack.

As the name suggests, we visit a different Blogstars blog page each day. A tour if you will, where they will be offering a free pattern and a chance to win the pack used to make the pattern! Each Blogstar will have a unique link on their page for you to enter the giveaways.

You need to look out for the Blog Tour post each day on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out which Blogstar’s day it is and follow the link to their page. Our posts will go out at 10 am each day and you have until to 10 am the following day to enter. This gives you a whole 24 hours!

Each winner will be contacted individually by email so keep an eye out and check your junk boxes too! The winner will be announced on Social Media each week also.

The tour will start on September 29th and end on October 15th so that’s 17 days and chances to win a pack of yarn!

So, let’s talk more about the yarn packs! This year, the packs are Autumn Leaves, which is made up of 5 shades of our NEW Bellissima yarn and Summer Pudding, which is made up of 3 Bellissima shades and 2 Bambino shades. The packs can be purchased from participating stockists and we have a list of some of them here-


A Good Yarn, Cleethorpes –

Woolshopdirect, Derbyshire –

Lincoln Wool Pack

Felt Sew Woolly, Shrewsbury –

The Wool Shack, Malvern –

Threads Wool Shop, Glasgow –

Handknitted with love, Cheshire –

Wool Zone, Oakham –

Yarn with Joanne –

The Wool Loft –

Love Wool –

Having seen the patterns that the Blogstars have designed, we know you are in for a real treat! Stay tuned to our Social Media platforms for sneaky peeks and teasers! We look for to having you all join in the fun from Saturday, September 29th!

Here are the Blogstars and their blog links who will be taking part:

Crystals and crochet –

Crochet Between Worlds –

Cherry Heart –

Lucias Fig Tree –

Every Trick on the Hook –

josiekitten –

Emma Varnam –

The Twisted Yarn –

Catherine’s Crochet Corner –

Hand Knitted Things –

Annaboo’s House –

Crafternoon Treats –

The Patchwork Heart –

Get Knotted Yarn Craft –

Zooty Owl –

Stylecraft, Charlotte Johnson –

Jane Crowfoot –

Brain Training

We all know about the benefits of exercising our bodies but these days, scientists are telling us more and more about the benefits of keeping our brains active. Many of us will have tried brain training games or apps but both knitting and crochet have lots to offer as well.

Simply using both of your hands to make something is firing all kinds of neurons in your head with even the simplest of patterns, but here are a few more ways knitting and crochet are helping you.

Remember back when you first started your craft and tried to read a pattern?  It was full of strange abbreviations that you had to learn like k2tog and htr.  You have had to learn a whole new language that we bet you can read completely fluently now.  Your brain is instantly translating for you as you go.

Tension squares are a real marmite subject but, by making one that is a bit bigger than 10cm you then have to do quite a bit of maths to work out whether you are hitting the tension – a good workout for your brain.

What about if you want to substitute a different yarn in a pattern?  You have to work out the meterage of both yarns to calculate how many balls to buy, which stretches your maths muscles.

What about learning a new technique or stitch? Puzzling your way through how to use your needles or hooks and how to count the stitches or rows is a cortex stimulating exercise.

So whenever and wherever you knit or crochet, remember it is keeping your brain wonderfully active.

If you want to have a bit of fun, why not try our ‘Spot the difference’. We will also be posting these on our Facebook page if you want to give your answers.



Colour Pool for Knitters

We are very excited about the launch of our new yarn Colour Pool.  When you crochet with this yarn a kind of magic happens.  Once you get your stitch count right an Argyll pattern appears as if from nowhere.  It’s very exciting.

But Colour Pool also works for knitters so we thought we would show you how to get some really interesting effects.

Like so many things, it’s all in the preparation. First of all you have to find out how the yarn is going to work for your own personal tension.  We recommend using 4.5mm or 5mm needles and casting on around 30 stitches to do a sample square.

This is really easy, because you are going to work only in garter stitch, but there is counting involved.  In each ball of Colour Pool there are four distinct colours.  To check your tension you need to knit through at least four full repeats of the colour change, counting how many stitches you make in each colour.

We used April Showers and noted down the number of stitches four times.

Pale blue         17, 17, 16, 17

Blue                 22, 23, 23, 23

Turquoise        14, 14, 15 14

Lime                17, 17, 17, 17

You need to take an average for each colour and round it up if necessary

Pale Blue         17

Blue                 23

Turquoise        14

Lime                17

Now you are ready to use a really handy website called Planned Pooling which is going to do all the hard work for you.


The first job is to set up all your colours and enter the figures you calculated.

Now you need to input the number of stitches you want to knit.  The more stitches you put in the better the pattern will display, and the website lets you increase or decrease the number of stitches by 1 or 5 until you find the right pattern.

Here is the pattern that we get with 65 stitches.

Here we have 68 stitches – you can see a pattern starting to appear.

And here is 70 stitches – this looks like it’s going to be a good stitch count for our tension.

But look what happens at 71 stitches – isn’t that interesting?

Once you are happy with your pattern you can begin to knit but do make sure that the first colour in the sequence you begin with corresponds to the first colour on the bottom right of the chart to get the best results.

We’d love to see how you get on with Colour Pool so don’t forget to show us on our Facebook page or by tagging an image with #stylecraftcolourpool on Twitter and Instagram.

Stylecraft Unveils A Splash of Winter Colour

Colour is key in our latest launches from, with saturated hues and sophisticated pastels showcased in new yarn launches and patterns for garments and accessories.


Following the success of baby yarn, Bambino, last season, we have brought this fantastic multi-end yarn to the adult market with the launch of Bellissima.  After all, why should the grown-ups miss out? Bellissima has fantastic stitch definition, making it perfect for a whole range of techniques and styles, from classic garments to textures and cables.

There are 14 lovely shades to choose from so why not try out this great new yarn?

Colour Pool

You may have read about the trend for planned pooling and we are delighted to be the first of the big brands to embrace this fashion with our new yarn Colour Pool, where Argyll-style patterns magically appear when you crochet or knit. At the recent Blogstars get together this yarn caused quite a stir and we’re sure you will enjoy trying a bit of the magic for yourself.

We have created three free patterns for crocheters and there will be lots of hints and tips, including a video, on the blog and across our social media, as well as a special tutorial for knitters.

Head Over Heels Allstars

Did you vote in the competition we held earlier this year to choose the new Head Over Heels colourways as created by the Blogstars?  Their inspiration came from a visit to see David Hockney’s work at Salts Mill and are called Ossie, Woldgate, Saltaire, Pool, Red Pots and Splash. The winning six shades are now available with free printed patterns available from Stylecraft stockists

Special XL 

The trend for big yarn continues so we have increased the number of colours in the palette for Special XL with four new shades which feature in six new patterns.

Relaxed garments in simple stitches, slouchy hats and enveloping scarves make this collection the perfect choice for the colder months.

With all these colours and yarns to choose from, we’d love to see what you make over on our Facebook page.