Angela Armstrong

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Angela Armstrong-


I have been a yarn lover for most of my life. My mother taught me to knit at age 4, and my Mum’s best friend taught me to crochet at age 12. For several years I was tied up in work and study, but when nephews and nieces started arriving, out came the yarn and a new passion was born.

These days you can find yarn in my hands most days, in between looking after two gorgeous wee boys, a gorgeous wee girl, my husband and two Australian long necked fresh water turtles. (If it wasn’t for the fact that they lived permanently in the water, the turtles would have had yarn coats by now.) We all live in Sydney, Australia.

I seriously took up crochet when expecting my first child eight years ago, and have devoured patterns and books, tutorials and websites in a fierce hunger to improve my skills and abilities. These days I am designing my own patterns, exploring shapes and colour, and finding influence and inspiration everywhere around me.


For two years I have run the Facebook Group “Creative Crochet Crew – The Group” having been a 2IC to the founder Jacquie Tinkler for 18 months before that. The group grew from 9000 to 37.5 thousand members, representing over 70 nations worldwide and with several in-house CAL’s run annually. In 2015 the team of admins (by then 13 strong) decided that the abuse of the team was too frequent and becoming too personal, with unrelated business sites being hacked and damaged, and with regret the group was closed.

I have notebooks filled with ideas to explore now that my few idle moments are not taken up with administering my group, and I look forward to sharing them with you all. You can find my designs and ideas and inspiration at the following places:


I have a serious commitment and desire to help and inspire others, and you can contact me via Ravelry messaging.

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