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Thursday 27th October 2016


So, Stylecraft have decided to take part in the Blog Tour this year and present you with a pattern! We decided to get Juliet Bernard on board to help design and make this fabulous decorative tablet cover. We have chosen the Special Chunky Silver pack and HERE is where you can enter to win 10 balls in these wonderful shades...

The competition ends at 11:59 PM tonight and we will be announcing the winner tomorrow. We will be visiting Le monde de Sucrette's blog tomorrow, very exciting!

So, here is the pattern, we hope you enjoy it! .....

Pic 13

Tablet Cover Pattern Using Silver and size 8mm needles cast on 55 stitches. Starting with  knit row work 43 rows. Leave the stitches on the needle.

Macrame You need to measure out 2 metre lengths of your chosen colours and fold them in half.  We chose Empire, Denim, Storm Blue, Sage, Meadow, Pistachio and Saffron (2 lengths of each).  This will be enough to decorate the front of the tablet cover.

Using a crochet hook, pick up the loop between two stitches.

pic 1

Starting at the edge, and pull the yarn through as per the picture to secure.

Pic 2

Pic 3

Miss the next loop between the stitches and then pick up the next loop to attach  your next length of yarn to.  If you prefer you can loop the yarn through every other live stitch. The knots we have used are very simple double knots and these step by step pictures show you how to tie them.

Pic 4

Pic 5 Pic 6

Pic 7 Tie a double knot on each set of four strands.  To tie the second row of knots set the first two strands aside and then tie a double knot in the next four strands you see. Two strands will be of one colour and two will be from the next colour along. Keep tying knots in this way until you have the lovely mesh you see here.

Pic 8

Pic 9

Pic 10 Now return to the knitting by working one row of purl followed by 6 rows of 2x2 rib before casting off loosely. Fold the knitting in half and sew up the side and bottom being careful not to trap any ends from the macramé. To finish, using a crochet hook, pull the loose ends of the macrame through a loop at the bottom seam that roughly corresponds to where the strands were joined in at the top.  We have pulled 4 strands through at a time. Tie a knot to make the tassel.

Pic 11

Pic 12