Blogstars get together 2022

Thursday 21st July 2022

Tags: Blogstars, Fun, Events

Last Friday was a very special day for us as we travelled to a gorgeous hotel near Birmingham to meet up with some of the Blogstars.  It has been well over two years since we las had one of our get togethers, so we were pretty excited.

You can see how lovely the weather was. From bottom left, clockwise, you can see Lucy from Attic 24, Sophie from Stylecraft, Helen from Crystals and Crochet, Bronagh from Stylecraft, Janie Crow, Catherine from Catherine’s Crochet Corner, Phil from The Twisted Yarn who is hiding behind Lucia from Lucia’s Fig Tree.

The next morning, we presented all the collections for Autumn Winter. You may have already seen two of our new yarns, Colour Twist and Grace in your local yarn shop.  Sorry, dear reader, but the rest will have to stay secret for a while longer.

In the afternoon the lovely Janie Crow did a beading workshop, showing us all the different ways to get beads to lie right in your crochet.  We were all very impressed with Lucia’s hook roll that you can see here.

If you have never tried a double treble with two beads, you really should give it a go.  The effect is just gorgeous.

And here are the results.  We all had the same five yarns but used different coloured beads.  Isn’t it amazing how many combinations you can get?

It was so great to get together in person, we can’t wait to see our treasured Blogstars again soon.