Colours of the World

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Tags: News & Launches, Knit

After months of top-secret planning, we can now reveal an exciting collaboration with crafting superstar and friend of ours, Stuart Hillard. A brand-new collection of sock yarns called Head Over Heels - Colours of the World.

You may know Stuart from his appearance on the first series of Sewing Bee. His sewing skills are legendary, but what you may not know is that he started knitting at a very young age as he told us: “I was three when my mum, desperate for a bit of peace, cast on and taught me to knit garter stitch.  Mum got her peace, my action man got a garter stitch maxi dress, and I started my journey as a knitter, maker and yarn lover!”

For Stuart, socks are the perfect project, and with his eye for colour, a specially curated collection of yarns in the Head Over Heels range is the perfect fit. We are delighted to be working with Stuart and are very excited about the amazing palette he has put together.

The collection takes its inspiration from some of the many places Stuart has visited, literally Colours of the World: “Travel has given me many wonderful and memorable experiences and more than anything an opportunity to see colours under different skies, in different lights and in the hands of different artisans who see and use colours in ways I’ve never seen before.”  

It is his respect for the craftspeople and their traditions that really shines out in the colour palettes Stuart has put together.

(Images Pexels – Beckett, Pexels – Gatot Adri)

Kyoto reflects the male work attire of Japan dyed using indigo.

(Images Pexels – Symeon Ekizoglou, Unsplash – Chris Charles, Unsplash – Mohmed Nazeeh)

Amazon takes colours from the rich fauna in the Amazon rainforest, the lungs of the earth. 

(Images Unsplash Kyle Petzer, Unsplash- v2osk N028PITAESc)

SaPa inspired by Vietnamese textiles with their vibrant colours.

(Images Unsplash – Cody Mclain, Unsplash – Federico Scarionati)

Guatemala, the colours and shades of South American traditional costume.

(Images Unsplash – John Fowler, Unsplash – Ganapathy Kumar)

New Mexico celebrating colours of the desert and traditional native American costume and turquoise jewellery. 

(Images Pexels Yo Amo El Espanol, Unsplash – Joe Green)

Rio Grande featuring the colours of rugged mountains and traditional homes with their sun-baked hues. 

We have also released several, gorgeous free patterns on our website including socks, mitts, hats and a gorgeous shawl for you to try.