Heather Leal

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BlogstarThe Patchwork Heart is run from home by crochet artist Heather. With a background as a Maths teacher Heather has a love for organisation and gets pleasure from using her teaching skills to inspire and encourage others to crochet.

As the name of her blog implies, Heather started out as a quilter but soon converted to crochet as she loves the ease and portability of crochet compared to getting the sewing machine and cutting boards out.

Her passion is colour and her colour recipes are frequently shared and enjoyed by many on her busy social media sites on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook she has a staggering 200,000 followers.


She says “It is my pleasure to share my love of crochet and sewing, to inspire and encourage others!”

Heather sells through her Etsy shop and takes customized orders by email.

This year she has plans to develop her blog further and launch crochet workshops and afternoon teas as regular events. Her dream, other than to crochet all day every day, is to live in a country cottage with her family, a rambling garden and hens.


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