Head Over Heels Walking In Nature

Thursday 27th October 2022

Tags: Blogstars, News & Launches, Knit

The latest collaboration with our friend and Blogstar, Stuart Hillard, is Head Over Heels Walking in Nature. With six shades to choose from, this yarn is not just about the socks, but also includes garments and accessories to try.

Stuart is so clever in the way he puts colours together.  We thought you might like to know more about his inspiration for each colourway.


Stride - the colours of heather; purples, lilacs, flashes of pink, and the striding through an almost endless landscape covered in these colours makes my heart sing! 

Wander - pinks and purples, moss green and rich gold remind me of leafy cottage gardens and English villages that I love to wander through! 

Dilly Dally - the vibrant oranges and yellows of daffodils and a clear blue sky take me back to childhood and instructions to never “dilly dally. 

Promenade - he colours of the sea, walks along a cliff top or a chance to promenade along the sea front amongst the cries of seagulls and the smell of the sea.

Ramble - a chance to lose yourself in nature, the endless space and peace, the quiet and the colours. A days’ ramble might include a shower or two but who cares if you get rainbows?

Hike - when I’m feeling energetic, I need to hike in the hills. The soft greys, greens and greys of a wilder place to lose the day in.  

So many lovely combinations for you to choose from.