Heart, Art and Soul – By Angela Armstrong of Get Knotted Yarn Craft

It only takes a couple of seconds on Google to find a multitude of articles on Creativity and the benefits to one’s own wellbeing, but I think often we get lost in the terminology and science and we forget the major thing that is happening – IT JUST PLAIN FEELS GOOD!

Creating is scientifically proven to increase endorphin levels. Whatever aspect of it that appeals to you, whether it’s design, the joy of giving, the feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish or just five minutes a day where you aren’t thinking of the million and one things that society tells you that you should be focussing on … whatever fills your heart, make sure that you’re aware of it and try to tailor (no pun intended) your creativity towards that.

Indulging in Creativity can lower your blood pressure. Well, that sounds kind of opposite to the last paragraph, doesn’t it? I mean, you’ve got your endorphins pumping, so your heart must be racing right? Not exactly. Endorphins are your happy hormones. When your 18-month-old sticks her hands down the back of her freshly filled nappy, and shares the joy of texture with your walls, just as your frenemy rings your doorbell, and you realise that you’ve left the dinner on the stove and that the other strange smell is actually the meal that you will be scraping into the bin…. Well, let’s just say that the happy hormones aren’t exactly plentiful. But later on, you can sit in the lounge with your loved one, binge watching some absolute drivel while your hands work up a masterpiece without you even knowing.

You don’t have to be “talented” to be creative. Yep, it’s true. Think about it, how many times have you seen that line “Dance like nobody is watching”. What it really means is, don’t think about it, just do it! Don’t worry about whether it’s going to win you praise, or the Nobel peace prize. Just make something. People ask me how I got started as a designer. They always laugh when I tell them it was by accident, but that is the truth, I’m not being humble. I wanted to make a blanket for my nephew, and I wanted a solid square with no holes in the corners. So, I fiddled with stitches for three hours, trying to get those perfect “snap to” corners in a medium that is flexible. I had to keep cutting off lengths and chucking it out because the darn stuff got frogged so many times that it was shredded! But, that was my first pattern, because people asked me how I achieved it. Then I had an idea for a sheep square for a baby blanket, but first I needed a solid square that started with circles. So, there were patterns two and three (with a lot more discarded yarn). I don’t see myself as talented, just monumentally stubborn.

But the feeling I get, when I click that “publish now” button on Ravelry – it’s priceless!

So go on, give it a go, get knitting, get knotting, get creative like nobody is watching!


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