Hygge… Logam… Ikigai… Gemütlichkeit… by Anne and Michelle of Crochet Between Worlds

Over the last couple of years, there has been much talk, literature, tv shows, and so on, about “wellbeing” concepts from different countries. It seems to have started with “Hygge” which is a Danish concept. There seems to be no real translation of the word (in fact, it is now part of the German language as there is no translation). Disclaimer: We are not experts in the subject! The general idea behind all these concepts seems to be to find a state of mind in which you are happy, relaxed and bound to earth. There seems to be a longing “for something else” in our busy, hectic world; like a counterpoint to the world which just gets faster and more complicated each day. There is an increasing number of “manuals” out there on how to become a happier and more settled person. Add more candles, more homemade cake or bread, more family time, less online time and so on to your life.

Books or magazines about Hygge, Logam and so on usually come with such pretty pictures of comfy homes and happy people. This can be quite daunting sometimes. We don’t know about you, but our homes never looked as good and, quite honestly, we hardly ever manage to feel “hygge-ig” or at peace with my/the world. We would like to, but it is a hard road. Thus, probably the most important thing to remember that is perfectly okay not to be perfect in any of these concepts. There should be no feeling of pressure or guilt from these wonderful ideas.

One can use whatever feels good from these concepts in one’s own life. For example, a lot of candles are wonderful for the European winter but not for the Australian summer… Delicious Danish pastry is just yummy all the time of the year… And why not bake a cake instead of buying one? Spend more time with your family (but only the family members you actually like)…

In the end, each of us knows deep down what is best for oneself and what relaxes you. Baking a cake is relaxing and fun for us (well, not as much as eating the cake but that’s another story) but it might be hell for others. And that’s okay. We like to understand Hygge and all the other concepts as a reminder to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and take time to truly enjoy life. Try something new and see if it works for you.

by Anne and Michelle of Crochet Between Worlds www.crochetbetweenworlds.net