Kathryn Senior

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BlogstarKathryn is a medical writer by day but loves to crochet and play with yarn whenever there is a spare minute. She began her crochet journey back in the 1980s but her hook was put away for years… Taking it up again led to complete addiction and she started her blog, Crafternoon Treats, in April 2014. Followers of the blog now enjoy many free tutorials and crochet patterns, many of which are for crochet bags, one of Kathryn’s obsessions. She writes Craftsy crochet tutorials and is active on social media with two Facebook groups, one just for ‘bag-alongs’! In March 2016 video blogging beckoned and Kathryn now has one of the few crafty podcasts dedicated to crochet.


“I love yarn but I am in no way a ‘yarn snob’. I think the huge range of yarns, textures and colours available today is so exciting and inspiring. Crochet is now just as popular as knitting ever was and bloggers and designers are taking the craft to new levels. My goal is to enjoy hooking whenever and wherever possible and to encourage people to extend their crochet skills in the direction they want to go.”

Blog: www.crafternoontreats.com

Crochet podcast: https://www.youtube.com/crafternoontreatscrochet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crafternoontreats/

Groups:           https://www.facebook.com/groups/BagalongwithCrafternoonTreats


Instagram: instagram crafternoon treats

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