Thursday 1st October 2020

Tags: Blogstars, Crochet, MAL/CAL/KAL

Have your heard about Octagonical, the new Cal from Helen Shrimpton aka Crystals and Crochet?  It’s an amazing project that launches on 8th October, runs for 8 weeks and is an octagonal shape so no prize for guessing how Helen came up with the name.

“Octagon–i-cal was what kept going round and round in my mind as I started to work on the design for this year’s crochet a long, so I guess this one had to be octagonal in shape,” she says.

Helen told us that the meaning of the number 8 is harmony, peace, and balance, something that we all need to embrace in this day and age; “It is also the symbol of resurrection and regeneration and is like the infinity symbol showing us that there is never an end, only a continual journey through life.”

The design takes the form of a central Mandala that then progresses to an octagon shape as it grows and features lots of texture throughout the project. “All of my designs have lots of texture, and Octagonical is no exception,” Helen explains.  “There are some of my signature stitches like the folding stitch, a beautiful ring of daisies. This new design also has sections that are worked with two colours, and all of it is covered in detail in the video tutorials, which are in US terms.”

There are three lovely colour packs to go with the project:

Harmony in Special DK is a soft blend of pastels

Balance in Special DK is a riot of rainbow shaded

Peace in Naturals Bamboo + Cotton is a peaceful palette of ocean colours.

So get your crochet hooks ready and bookmark this page for 8th October