Friday 4th January 2019


As the dust settles after the festive period, we thought we would ask you what your resolutions are for 2019. There is some very good advice from Stylecrafters to help you get the most out of your craft – everything from using up your stash, finishing projects and learning new techniques. ‘I’ve sat and made tiny squares of my Stylecraft colours and labelled them. Easier to store than my pegs and now I can see which I need to buy. Will make a square now every time I buy a new colour.’ ‘Just one: I must not start 8 new blankets until my 4 big WIPs are finished. Must not start!!!’ ‘Same as the last 3 years... Crochet every day! I am good at sticking to this New Year resolution.’ ‘Yes!!! Sew in my ends as I go!’ ‘Knit more for family I didn't know my sister adored my garments especially the aran sweaters with added pockets!’ ‘Not to buy any more yarn until all my stash has been knitted into items. . I will have kicked the bucket by then.’ ‘To start making more blankets for end of life patients. (I made my first one this year). My husband gave me some Stylecraft yarn for Christmas and I thought that I would use it to make blanket number two!’ ‘Scrub the dust off all my needles and hooks for a start.’ ‘Be more realistic about how many hours there are in the day for completing projects!’ ‘I am determined to learn crochet in 2019. I also want to try my hand at Shetland lace knitting.’ Finish all my projects, learn fair isle, knit socks and use up at least a third of my stash. Oh and do one of the attic 24 blanket kits I have...’ ‘I'm learning amigarumi . My sister is going to teach me.’ ‘Trying new crochet stitches and making up some of my own.’ ‘Teaching elderly friends how to crochet.’ ‘I'm going to start putting my stuff on eBay, my house is getting ridiculous!!’ ‘I'm going to go with... Buy more yarn than I need!! To be realistic, it's the only one I am likely to keep!!’ ‘I have spent two years making items for so many other people, so I've decided that 2019 is the year when I make things for me - several blankets to fill a shelf in my living room, scarves and wraps for next fall and winter, and ornaments for next year' ‘Make more toys for my local hospital’ ‘To stop looking at others beautiful creations online and get my own done.’ I started tonight to make ‘pegs’. Now I need someone with a decent handwriting to write the names on.’ ‘To buy more yarn and make more blankets and cushion covers ..I want a "rainbow "home.’ To get recording videos for my crochet tutorials for YouTube’ ‘Learn more stitches.’ ‘Until now I only made small crochet projects. In 2019 I want to make my first granny square blanket.’ ‘Be proud of my lovingly curated yarn collection.’