Show your Pride

Thursday 16th June 2022

Tags: Blogstars, News & Launches, Knit

We are joining the celebration of Pride this month with two new shades in Head over Heels sock yarn in collaboration with our latest Blogstar, Stuart Hillard. We couldn’t be more excited because Show your Pride is all about fearless self-expression, just like Stuart.  

The two rainbow combinations come in a narrow colour repeat, called ’Be you’, and a broader colour repeat, called ‘Be bold’. Stuart shared with us why Pride month is so important to him: “I went on my first pride march at 17 years old because I wanted to stand with my community and show strength and pride in each other.  For me it was also about finding my identity and connecting with others to be proud of who you are!”

Pride is a celebration of resilience, survival and community, which now includes so many allies across the world and we wanted so much to be a part of that celebration.  Together with Stuart, we will be making a donation to Stonewall, a UK based charity, who support the LGBTQ+ community, and in particular, work to promote equality in the workplace, schools and colleges.  

Rainbows are such an optimistic choice: “Making and wearing my Show Your Pride socks is a great way to show your personal pride, support a family member or friend or to show your support for LGBTQ+ people.  The rainbow is a symbol of hope and love and a brighter future, and it has also become a strong and enduring symbol during the Coronavirus pandemic,” Stuart explains. “Rainbow also happens to be my favourite colour...I mean, why pick one when you can have them all?!”

The Show Your Pride shades of Head Over Heels are now available from Stylecraft stockists