Top tips for making toys

Thursday 10th June 2021

Tags: Fun, Crochet, Knit

A knitted or crocheted toy makes a lovely, soft, and cuddly gift for a child, or even an adult.

So many of our yarns are just perfect for toys whether your choice is Special DK, Life, Naturals Bamboo+Cotton or Naturals Organic Cotton.

If you have never made a toy before, because you thought it might be a bit tricky or fiddly, we have some great tips from the Blogstars and our Facebook group.

Anne Scheuler from Crochet Between Worlds recommends the invisible decrease for Amigurumi which you can find here.

Our very own Annabelle told us that when you are sewing up flat pieces it can be so helpful to stuff your project as you go.

We keep a jar in the office with all the ends we snip off when sewing things up so we can use them to stuff toys.

Sarah Shrimpton from Annaboo’s House always uses a lockable stitch marker to keep track of the first stitch in the round.

For Julia Marsh from Hand Knitted Things it's mattress stitch all the way when sewing parts together, especially if they are knitted in stocking stitch - it makes your joining invisible.  You can find our video tutorial on mattress stitch here.

Don't forget to stuff your project firmly to make the toy more robust.

And from our Facebook Group

Always use smaller needles or hook than the yarn normally calls for so you get a denser fabric and the stuffing won't show through.

Make them out of something that's machine washable. Kids will drool and drag a toy through everything!

Always think about kids’ safety. No small parts that could come off and use only certificated yarns

Try where possible to add the safety eyes before you stuff the head even if the pattern doesn't say to.

If stuffing a dark colour use an old sock or pair of tights to put the stuffing in, then the white stuffing doesn't show through

What fantastic advice!