Under The Sea

Thursday 14th April 2022

Tags: Blogstars, Crochet, MAL/CAL/KAL

Since we first saw this gorgeous blanket design from Blogstar, Catherine Bligh, we have been counting down the days until it launched and now it has. Yippee!
You may know Catherine from her Demelza and Kaleidoscope blankets – such clever designs.

This CAL comes in three gorgeous colourways; Beautiful Briny Sea in Bambino and Bellissima; Fathoms below in Special DK; and The Edge of the Water in Batik. 
We asked Catherine about her inspiration for the design: “I actually began designing this blanket waaaay back in autumn 2020. It was a bit of a tough time for me, and I sort of expected that I wouldn’t have any mental energy for designing. But lo and behold, this design just kind of…popped into my head, and nagged at me, and made me work on it.”

“I’m fairly certain it began with the circles, the idea of using little circles within a square to make a block, and then the sense of water, and sea creatures, came in. Lots of wave shapes, lots of battling to get the star fish just right. Lots of working and ripping and cursing, as per usual! At one point I realised I’d actually designed one too many blocks, which was a rather nice position to be in!”

When Catherine had worked out what sea features she wanted to represent, she originally created two colourways for the blanket: “Fathoms Below is designed to inspire thoughts of tropical seas – vivid blues and turquoises, and bright yellows and oranges. Beautiful Briny Sea uses colours to reflect the kind of seas you more often see here in the UK. Still beautiful, but a more muted palette of blues and greens.”

For the third colourway Catherine decided to go for Stylecraft Batik and created this limited-edition colourway called Edge of the Water.
The CAL started on 5th April, and you can download part 1 free from our website. The remaining parts will be launched fortnightly in both UK and US terms.
Why not pop in to our Official CAL group on Facebook to join us or if you’re stuck at any point.