Zelna Olivier

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Zelna Olivier - BiogBlogstar Paints, papers, glues, glitter, hooks, needles, threads and yarns…….. I have been a craft addict for as long as I can remember.
My Great Gran taught me to crochet when I was four. Around the same time, my Nanna taught me to knit. Oupa (grandpa) encouraged my craftiness and on Saturdays when we went shopping for the week’s groceries, we would often come home with a bag of yarn and other crafty goodies. I inherited my love of colour from my late mom – we would lie on the bed for hours looking into the Kaleidoscope Oupa had bought for her when she was little (dad gave me the Kaleidoscope when mom passed away last year).
Many, many, many moons ago, when my daughters were little, they used to love snuggling on the couch and crocheting with me on winter weekends. On Thursday evenings we would decide what we were going to make on the weekend, and then I would stop at the supermarket on my way home from the office on Friday evening and pick up a few balls of acrylic yarn in the colours they had chosen. As a busy working mum quick and easy patterns made with easily accessible yarn were just the ticket.


The patterns were made up as we went, and were often shared with friends and family. Many of my friends learned to crochet from me and I have been told that my love of colour and crochet is contagious.
I retired from the private sector in 2010 and started my blog, Zooty Owl, towards the end of 2013 as a platform to continue sharing crafty ideas with far off family and friends. Zooty Owl is a play on my initials and a nickname. I drove a sporty convertible around the time I started my blog and my friends called me “Zooty”.
My children are all grown up and have their own homes, Hubby and I live on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.




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