Anne and Michelle

Michelle and Anne met in 2002, when Michelle was on Rotary Youth Exchange in Anne’s hometown of Weyhe, Germany. They became firm friends almost immediately! Anne spent a year living with Michelle’s family in Australia in 2008-2009 while studying at university, and their shared love of crochet was kindled during a long, hot Sydney summer. They had to keep this passion going, and so started the Crochet Between Worlds blog!

As well as patterns, tutorials, projects, chatting and occasionally recipes, you can also find The Adventures of Captain Poprocks at Crochet Between Worlds! The Captain is a tiny rainbow happypotamus who travels the world, seeking adventure and cake. He has been to many places around Australia, Vanuatu, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, and so many more!

Crochet Between Worlds’ design inspiration mostly comes from one of three places – “I’m sure there’s an easier way to do that”, “I wonder if that (cross-stitch, patchwork, mosaic, etc) can be done in crochet?” and “I need this thing, and can’t find a pattern…” Bright colours dominate across projects and designs!

Michelle is a lawyer by trade, and lives with her husband Kiah and their two children in an apartment overlooking the beautiful Parramatta River in Sydney/Australia. There is at least one more cupboard that could be filled with yarn!

Anne lives with her husband Alex in Helmond (near Eindhoven) in the Netherlands. While they aim for a minimalistic household, yarn is the exception! Anne works at the university teaching and coaching PhD students in academic writing.

Both Anne and Michelle have chronic illnesses, and crochet continues to be relaxing, fun and sanity-saving.