Catherine Bligh

Catherine first picked up a hook in 2009 as a way to express her creativity and to keep herself occupied despite the limitations of chronic illness. Taught how to chain by her mother, Catherine then turned to books and the internet to learn everything else. She started with scarves and basic hats, then turned to amigurumi and eventually plucked up the courage to see if she had the concentration to make a blanket. The first few were a bit wobbly, but soon she got addicted to making piles of squares and motifs, and she’s never looked back.

A few years and 30-odd blankets down the line, Catherine decided to embark on the challenge of making her own designs. She takes inspiration from nature, particularly her garden, and also from literature, in which she gained a degree at university. She enjoys bringing together elements of two of her passions, literature and crochet, by working to express themes and characters with yarn and hook. She particularly loves creating projects that are textually, as well as visually, interesting.

The ‘Demelza’ blanket was Catherine’s first ever blanket design, and she has been overwhelmed by the success of it, with hundreds of blankets made so far in many different countries across the world. She is looking forward to sharing more designs, as she continues to learn and grow as a crocheter and designer.

Catherine lives with some cats, some chickens, and she frequently has a juvenile hedgehog or three staying in the spare bedroom over the winter months. Though she can’t get out and about much, Catherine encourages birds in the garden so she has plenty of entertainment just outside her window.