Emily Littlefair

Emily Littlefair is also known as The Loopy Stitch on social media, where she explores her love for crochet from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

She published her first crochet book in 2017 called ‘Round and Round the Crochet Hook’ but learnt to crochet a chain stitch when she was only 11 years old. Learning from books and YouTube videos she still loves to try out new techniques and stitches to bring into her designs.

Emily finds inspiration all around. She sees possibilities for crochet everywhere she looks, shapes and patterns in nature, architecture, anything really. An idea can pop into her head at any time. When she is designing patterns, she tends not to plan things and let the hook and yarn take over.

Her eye for colour is refreshing and one of her most popular designs ‘Connie’s Ray of Hope’, perfectly captures this. The round wall hanging was designed in memory of Connie Johnson (a fellow Australian) to raise awareness of breast cancer.

For 2020 Emily is planning a Mindful CAL. She has always found crochet to be a coping mechanism, whether it be just a little escape from reality or some ‘me’ time. Lately, she is finding it to be very mindful and is paying more attention to what she is doing instead of being distracted by the simplest of things.