Helen Shrimpton

Hi I’m Helen!

I have never been one to conform and I feel the labels that we put on ourselves are so limiting!!

I am unique, as are we all, I am passionate about my dreams and goals, I am happy and I am a free spirit.

But here is a little bit of my story…..

I could title it from Hairdresser, to Healer to Hookologist! I know there is no such word but hey it sounds better than hooker!!!!!

So, from age 24 to 49 I ran a successful but very stressful hairdressing business. I loved what I did but knew when it was time to move on. So on I moved to reveal the “secret” side of me. I have always been very intuitive and have always been aware of there being so much more to life than what society would have us believe…so I set out to find out all I could about me. And I don’t just mean the physical human me but every aspect of me on a soul level… wow that has been some journey I can tell you!!

I have been running another business for the past four and a half years doing what I love, healing, selling crystals and teaching. My life has been so peaceful and I have found so much joy in helping others during this time, but I knew there was still something new to come into my life.
Never in a million years would I have guessed what it was going to be… crochet, yep a ball of yarn and a hook and that’s me happy as a happy person could ever be. But not only that I have been stunned by the response to my designs and it is now what I am spending most of my time doing, only problem I have now is too many ideas and not enough hands or time!

I learned to crochet as a very young child, as well as sewing, knitting and crafting of all sorts. I also paint, abstract with acrylics, all my artwork is linked to healing. But it was just a couple of years ago that I re-learned crochet and have found my happy place, an amazing craft that is so rewarding, uplifting, it is my meditation and I have found yet another way to spread love and healing into the world.