Polly Plum

At about 12 years of age Polly Plum was taught to crochet and read crochet patterns by her mother. Polly made a few things but didn’t pick up her hook too much over her teenage years. Over a decade later, she found herself living in a new place and quite bored, so she purchased a couple hooks, some yarn, and a book of patterns. For the next couple years she would dabble, but never complete a single project.

Around the same time a social media revolution was in full swing and Polly joined some online crochet groups. The inspiration and support she found there motivated her to finally complete the projects she loved to start, but would usually abandon. It wasn’t long until she discovered afghan blocks and their unending variations.

In the background, Polly’s life was filled with a tedious day job and the pursuit of a degree in Fine Art in the evening. Things were piling up on her plate and she continually found herself neglecting them and choosing instead to crochet and forget her troubles. After a few years of guiltily staring at her never progressing art, Polly looked down at her hands full of yarn and realized she’d not been neglecting her art by crocheting at every available moment, she’d been perfecting it.

Polly now spends most of her time crocheting and making her art into patterns to share with the world. She thrives off of the challenge of finding new ways to combine and place stitches and, even more challenging, how to write them into a usable pattern. She established her blog, Every Trick on the Hook, to complement her patterns with tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Polly currently lives in the Land of Enchantment – a.k.a. New Mexico – with her significant other, Mr. Plum, their two little girls, an Australian Cattle Dog, and one fussy cat. Together they enjoy exploring the outdoors, the stunning scenery that surrounds them, and the quiet of a small high-desert town.