Special DK Colour Competition Shortlist

Friday 15th May 2015

Tags: News & Launches

So here they are…the final 10 that were chosen by our judges: Sarah Neal (editor of Lets Knit Magazine), Phil (TheTwistedYarn), Lucy (Attic24 blog) to perfect the Special DK range. We love their choices but are happy that it isn’t down to us to decide as we want them all. We’ve been inspired by the time and thought that people put into their entries so we wanted to share their stories with you. And you never know, it might help you decide. Lobelia LOBELIA – Pantone 19-3842 TPX Lucia Dunn was converted to acrylic yarns by the beautiful projects on the Attic24 blog. She says that this colour is her all-time favourite as it reminds her of the beautiful little flowers that cheer up her baskets in the summer months and, depending on which other shades it is with, can change beautifully. For her entry she sent a peg wrapped with the yarn and a yarn ‘ladder’ with the exact shade put in between some of our existing blues/purples. She suggested the name, which is perfect. Emerald CYPRESS – Pantone 17-6319 TPX There were a lot of greens. It could be a trend towards more leafy projects or maybe because the special DK range is lacking that shade (surely not!) Either way here is Eluned Valivand’s green silk scarf. Throughout its’ life Eluned was complimented upon it as ‘it went with so many things’. Now it has come to the end of its’ life as a scarf Eluned hopes that it can have new life as a yarn shade. Pistachio PISTACHIO – Pantone 13-0532 TPX Tabatha Bamford chose Pistachio, which makes us think of ice cream mmm. She suggests that it goes well with Meadow and Khaki and we totally agree. Duck Egg DUCK EGG – Pantone 14-4807 TPX We were spoilt for choice with multiple entries of Duck Egg blues, but this one was so beautifully executed that it easily made it onto the shortlist. Lorraine Currie sent us this beautiful painted frame filled with buttons, a hook and some fabric swatches hoping that ‘since I really love Stylecraft yarns I thought I would try to get you/us together’. A great idea Lorraine! When there were  multiple entries for one colour the judges chose the most creative submission. Empire KELLY GREEN – Pantone 16-6138 TPX Another green but this time we have been sent a cutting from a fashion magazine from Anna Duc, Poland. Her description – ‘a deep and juicy green’ is on the nose and we would love the dress and the figure to wear it! Mustard MUSTARD – Pantone 14-0837 TPX Vicki Lynch sent us a lovely mood board of Mustard, featuring shoes, buildings, electrical appliances and food. It really is a most overlooked colour that complements a lot of other colours – this could well be an essential building block colour that a stash should really not be without.


FUCHSIA/PURPLE – Pantone 18-2336 TPX A simple photo of Kirsty L’s kitchen wall. ‘Not quite purple, not quite pink!’ she says. But nonetheless, a great shade. It took us a while to work out that that’s her pooch in the foreground. Teal EMPIRE – Pantone 17-4540 TPX Maria Rojo has honoured us by sending a little bit of the intense turquoise that she has been keeping safe like ‘gold dust’ just in case one day she finds it again. The sample was given to her by a friend and she has no idea what the brand was but she does say that it reminds her of the intense colour of silk saris. Boysenberry BOYSENBERRY – Pantone 18-2527 TPX Susan Brayshaw sent us embroidery thread for her entry in a fabulous shade of pink which really pops. Grass Green GRASS GREEN – Pantone 15-0545 TPX The new watchword is ‘You cannot have too many greens’. This one sent to us by Emma Dunn is fresh and bright. The judges thought that this colour would be really useful in a rainbow blanket. Emma’s entry looks suspiciously like it might be a broken piece of a child’s toy – hopefully not missed too much and may soon be reincarnated as a new shade of Special DK. That’s all 10. Now we can relax as our work is done. It's over to you - please take a little time out from your crafts (sorry, it's just not like us to say that, but this once we must) and vote on our facebook page for your favourite. Fingers crossed it's yours!