Blog Tour 2018 Blog Post

27th September 2018

  Our annual Blog Tour is fast approaching and we are so excited to share some wonderful blogs and patterns by our fabulous Blogstars with you! So, what is a Blog Tour and how does it work?? Each year, we ask our...

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Brain Training

21st September 2018

We all know about the benefits of exercising our bodies but these days, scientists are telling us more and more about the benefits of keeping our brains active. Many of us will have tried brain training games or apps...

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Colour Pool for Knitters

17th September 2018

We are very excited about the launch of our new yarn Colour Pool.  When you crochet with this yarn a kind of magic happens.  Once you get your stitch count right an Argyll pattern appears as if from nowhere.  It’s very...

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Stylecraft Unveils A Splash of Winter Colour

17th September 2018

Colour is key in our latest launches from, with saturated hues and sophisticated pastels showcased in new yarn launches and patterns for garments and accessories. Bellissima Following the success of baby yarn, Bambino,...

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What's New

Blogstars Garden Party part 2

26th May 2022

Last week we showcased the first five designs for the Stylecraft Blogstars Garden Party. This week we are delighted to reveal the final four patterns to complete the festivities. Time for...

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Blogstars Garden Party part 1

19th May 2022

Can you believe we are already halfway through the Stylecraft Blogstars Garden Party? What an amazing feast of beautiful designs it has been too. Here is a recap of the first five designs in case you...

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Playful patterns

12th May 2022

Spring is traditionally a time for babies, with lambs gambolling over the fields, chicks and ducklings waddling around.  We know how much you love our baby patterns, but have you ever thought...

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