Welcome Wool Thread Paint

Thursday 8th February 2024

Tags: Blogstars, News & Launches, Crochet

We are thrilled to let you know that a new Blogstar has joined our hall of frame - Marion Mitchell from Wool Thread Paint.

Marion Mitchell from Wool Thread Paint lives with her husband in an old cottage on a farm on the East coast of Scotland where she brought up her family.

Having studied Printed Textiles and Embroidery at Art College she spent 25 years in education teaching and passing on her considerable skills before setting up a successful greeting card business that she ran with her husband from home.

While clearing her late mother’s house she found a ball of yarn and a hook that she had given her, and Marion decided to start to crochet in her memory.

“My first attempt - a doll’s blanket, was quite simply atrocious. But I didn’t give up, and immediately launched into a full-sized blanket for my granddaughter’s bed. From then on, I was hooked and produced a blanket a month for the next two years. Only one of them was following a pattern. The rest I designed myself and learned a lot by trial and error.”

What started off as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time business as a crochet designer. 
Marion likes to design blankets: “That is because I see them as blank canvases, just as an artist would - or perhaps an embroiderer. Crochet is a means for me to explore colour, which has been my passion since I was a tiny child, sorting out my tin of coloured pencils into ‘colour schemes’, just like playing with yarn pegs now.”

She prefers to keep the actual stitch patterns quite simple, using different combinations of granny squares to build up the pattern. That gives the colour palette the chance to be the star: “I think the beauty of my designs is that they are technically easily achievable by a beginner, but the overall design looks quite complicated due to the use of colour.”

Marion always works in DK weight, so Stylecraft Special is her core yarn, but she also blends in other yarns like Batik, Bellissima, Highland Heathers and Life to expand the colour range and add different textures.

What is most exciting for her about joining the Blogstars? “To be in direct contact with the giants of the crochet world, the other Blogstars, who I’ve admired for years. It’s amazing to think I will be one of them too.”

Marion is currently working on remaking her most popular design the Beach Walk blanket, which has been sold in 61 countries over the past four years.

You can follow Marion on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.