Jane Crowfoot

Jane Crowfoot has always had a love for yarn and all things crafty and attributes her ‘crochet gene’ to her Great Grandmother, Alice, who was seldom seen without a crochet hook in her hand and a few granny squares upon her lap.

Jane has worked as a freelance designer and design consultant for the past 20 years and has worked closely with both Debbie Bliss, Rowan Yarns, Jamieson’s Of Shetland and Stylecraft. Although an accomplished knitter, Jane has a passion for crochet, which is currently seeing a huge upsurge in popularity across the world. “I think it is far more organic and requires less planning when designing. I often start a project without any clear idea of what the finished product will be. Crochet pieces can start small, perhaps with just a flower motif which will fit the palm of your hand, yet they can end up being large enough to act as a cushion cover or a throw.” Jane gets much of her inspiration from interior magazines, and she loves looking at greetings cards and wrapping paper.

Jane loves playing with colour and has a love of exotic textiles such as Indian saris, Mexican embroidery and Japanese screens. Persian Architecture, Art Deco design and the work of 20th Century artists are often the catalyst for her design inspiration. Jane designs her crochet motifs from scratch and rarely uses traditional blocks, stitches or existing motifs for the basis of her design work.

Jane is the author of 5 titles of which Kaleidoscope is the most recent, past titles are: Finishing Techniques for Handknitters, Two Stitch Knits, The Ultimate Crochet Bible and Homespun Vintage. Jane has a range of designs and accessories on her web site and on Ravelry. You can also ‘like’ her company page on facebook and follow her on Twitter.