A new yarn and gorgeous new patterns for you

Thursday 16th March 2023

Tags: Blogstars, News & Launches, Crochet, Knit

We are very excited to reveal our latest collections  Spring Summer and the focus is very much on natural fibres with a new yarn - Love You - and new shades in Naturals Bamboo+Cotton.  

Love You

When we tested Love You our knitters and crocheters couldn’t have been more positive.  It’s cotton-rich with a delicate melange of colours that create a delightful, speckled effect when knitted up.  There are six loving shades for you to choose from – Sweetheart, Cuddle, Adore, Tender, Embrace and Cherish.

There are six pattern leaflets with designs for women and girls.  Relaxed shapes make the most of the drape of the yarn and feature placed lace patterns, delicate yokes, feature sleeves and cables.

Check out the collection here.

Naturals Bamboo+Cotton 

Naturals Bamboo+Cotton is the Blogstars’ favourite summer yarn and this merry band helped us to choose the four new shades to boost the palette when we got together last May.  They include Mulberry, Daffodil, Deep Sea and Moss giving you 47 colours to have fun with.

The vibrant pattern collection is all about colour, with chevron patterns, colour blocking, asymmetric sleeves and placed motifs for both knitters and crocheters.

Keep an eye out for the behind the scenes videos from our shoot

Helen Boreham blanket

We know how much you look forward to the latest design from Helen Boreham and, once again, we have a real treat for crocheters.  The hexagon daisy motifs are crocheted in a sophisticated palette of 8 shades of Naturals Bamboo+Cotton – Ecru, Thyme, Lavender, Buttermilk, Rose, Wedgewood, Ocean and Blossom.

All of these lovely designs and yarns will be in your local yarn shop from 6th March.