Tuesday 6th September 2022

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We are so excited to share our first Knit Along with you. Designed by our friend and Blogstar, Stuart Hillard.  It’s called Cablemagoria and launches on 11th October with five fun parts for you to make.

“Cablemagoria is designed to be beginner friendly! If you can do the absolute basics and you’d love to learn to cable here’s your chance! you’ll learn sone different techniques along the way and build your skills and confidence as you make your beautiful heirloom blanket!” says Stuart. 

Daisy in Grace

The name is a bit of a clue. The Knit Along is a feast of cables knitted in strips and then joined together.  Stuart has helped us put together five gorgeous colourways to tempt you: three in Stylecraft Special Aran, one in Highland Heathers Aran and one in new yarn, Grace.

Ocean in Special Aran

Stuart told us: “Whenever I knit, I want amazing colour or beautiful texture… if I can have both, I want both! Cables give me all the incredible structured texture I could desire. It reminds me of topiary or climbers trained against the walls in an ornate formal garden. I’ve used some of favourite classic cable designs from traditional sweaters and accessories and I’ve also played with colour working in columns, mirrored either side of a central bar to give a symmetrical and pleasing balance.”

Monarch in Highland Heathers Aran

To keep three, four or five different cable patterns going across a sweater is challenging, but Stuart came up with a nifty solution: “I designed my KAL blanket with simplicity in mind. The cables are knitted in strips which are crocheted or stitched together at the end - lots of style, pattern and glorious colour and you won’t believe how easy it is!” Each part will have detailed step-by-step images to help you if you have never knitted cables before.

Cinnabar in Special Aran

Stuart is a huge fan of KALs: ‘The best kind of projects for me are ones that teach me something new, and I get a beautiful project at the end of it! Our knit along is also a lovely way to try a new colour palette and join our community of knitters who are also making the blanket.” We’d love to see which pack you choose and how you are getting on with the project so we have created a new group on Facebook especially for you so make sure you join us.

Meadow in Special Aran

We are publishing the introduction to the KAL on our website on 4th October and each part will be launched fortnightly from 11th October until 6th December – perfect timing for a Christmas present. Cablemagoria packs will go on sale in our bricks and mortar stockists from 13th September.