Monday 14th November 2022

Tags: Crochet, Knit

We took a straw poll around the office the other day to see how many of us have started their Christmas gift knitting for this year and how many have still to decide.  It was a pretty even split probably reflecting most knitters and crocheters across the country.

We thought we would seek out some patterns for you that you still have time to make for your friends and family.

Why not try this design 9961?  Because it is knitted in Merry go round Super Chunky it will take no time to complete and there are lots of colour combinations to choose from.


Or this Fake Polo insert from the same leaflet.


Pattern 9955 is in our eco-friendly yarn, Recreate.  You could stick to the two colours for the stripes or mix it up with 3 or 4.  Afterall, there are 12 gorgeous shades to choose from.

How about this tank top, 9945?  It’s made in Recreate Chunky, so another quick knit.

For the little ones, this Reindeer sweater, hat and toy will make for a very special Christmas.  The pattern is 9869 and is made in Bellissima.

Imagine finding one of these cute Woodland Toys in your stocking.  Both fox and badger are featured in pattern 9665 and are crocheted in Life DK.

And finally, you can’t go wrong with socks for ladies, men or even for Santa.  This pattern is free on our website here and are made in Head Over Heels – Walking in Nature.

We hope this has given you lots of ideas for designs you can get ready in time for the big day.