Knit a Million Stitches in March

Monday 18th April 2016


We were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with local celebrity and super knitter extraordinaire; Julie Bruce, last week! Julie has stitched her way into the record books, by knitting and purling 1 million stitches in the month of March! What started out as a gesture from a friend who donated his late wife’s stash to Julie, soon turned into a charitable effort to honour his goodwill and generosity. Julie came up with the catchy idea to ‘knit a million stitches in March’, and from there the wheel was set in motion! Running a local convenience store full time meant that spare hours weren’t exactly easy to come by for Julie, but in true Yorkshire style; with grit and determination (and lots of help from her son Chris), she managed to fully complete the mammoth task….just 15 minutes before midnight, on March 31st! Generous Julie decided to take on the challenge to raise funds for the Kirkwood Hospice and has done just that, the charity will be collecting their cheque this week, thanks to all of her hard work (long days and sore fingers!) Doing this extreme challenge hasn’t put Julie off knitting just yet however, as she is still selflessly making blankets for preemies charities and local hospitals in her (albeit limited!) free time!   Julie Bruce Image   So, the question remains – just how long do you think it’d take you to knit (or crochet!) a million stitches?